J Scott Bergman

Artist Description

J Scott Bergman was born in New Jersey and raised in Los Angeles. His words are often inspired by personal events and spiritual philosophy. Influenced musically by the likes of Nick Drake, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, and the Beatles, J Scott Bergman continues to evolve with mysteriously evocative songs of love and hope.

The latest studio longplayer, “OURS IS THE TIME,” deals with a cast of characters in songs that demonstrate that no matter how diverse the human experience may be, we all essentially share the same core. Whether it be the pop icon in the song ‘Icon’ telling his fans to stop overanalyzing his lyrics, or the old man in his house on the hill reflecting on a life well spent in ‘Milton’s Offer’, or the homeless character being observed in the song ‘Lost Souls Communion’, each person is a flawed and beautiful human trying to make sense of his or her world. With pop sensibilities in full-force and guest appearances by musicians from Beck, Alanis Morissette and Fiona Appleā€™s touring and studio bands, the album covers a breadth of aural landscapes: a tapestry of folk, modern rock and bluesy jazz. The arrangements are solid yet purposefully sparse, letting the acoustic vibe and distinctive voice of the artist shine through.