Pacific Records has inked a deal with the local television & film company Branded Entertainment to release the title theme and soundtracks to Branded Entertainment’s television productions.

The partnership will begin on November 1st with Pacific Records releasing the title theme to The Romance, a reality TV show about dating and romance, featuring 24 single men and women, filmed entirely in San Diego. The Romance was nominated for the 2016 REALITY TV AWARDS in Hollywood and won the Accolade Global Film Awards for Reality TV Programming. 

“I’m excited for the multitude of opportunities this partnership will bring for both parties and Pacific Records artists ” said Brian Witkin, CEO of Pacific Records, Inc.”

Director/Producer of The Romance Ken Gora wrote the title theme “So You Think It’s Love” which was recorded at Pacific Records Studios. The production brought together a unique collaboration of 3 musicians from 3 different bands.

“There was a certain persona, scale of musicianship and performance that needed to represent both the song and the video” explained Gora. “Devereaux, Sydney and Miles could hit those notes and represent that energy”.

 Branded Entertainment’s popular shows include the television series “So You Think you Can Sell” and “The Romance”.  New series for the 2017 season include “Million Dollar Agent” and “Band Wars”.

Watch The Romance on Channel MYTV13 cable every Sunday night at 9pm starting November 6th.