Brian Witkin

CEO & Founder

Brian Witkin is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Records. Brian oversees Pacific’s daily business operations and the company’s business development. Brian also heads the publishing division of Pacific Records, that has established itself as an industry leader in film and television placement with an emphasis on corporate branding and advertising partnerships. As an experienced executive with a strong music business background, Brian has  been active in the record business for over a decade. In 2005, Brian was featured in San Diego Magazine’s cover story on “Young People to Watch” in San Diego. Beyond this work, Witkin is a board member of National University’s College of Letters and Sciences Advisory Board. National University is the second-largest private, non-profit institution of higher learning in California. Brian holds a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA) and Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) in history from National University in San Diego and is also an avid photographer, surfer, airplane pilot, rescue diver, and Dive Master.