Joseph Witkin


Joe Witkin is the Chief Technical Officer of Pacific Records. He runs sound for Pacific Records shows at the Stella Artois Lounge, Valley View Casino Center, and was instrumental in setting up the sound system there. Joe hails from Brooklyn, N.Y, where he started piano lessons at age 6, and received an acoustic guitar as a graduation present in junior high school. Teaching himself guitar and bass on the music of The Beatles, he played in numerous bands in high school; in college at Columbia, he joined Glee Club, and was in the right place at the right time when a Glee Club offshoot became the infamous fifties revival group “Sha Na Na”. Joe played at the original Woodstock Festival in Bethel, N.Y. in August, 1969 as Sha Na Na’s keyboard player, and appears on the Woodstock record, and in the movie. He left the group when he graduated, and pursued other careers (medical school), becoming a San Diego resident in 1975. He performed as “John” in an all-Beatles act, guitars, accents and all, from 1981-1985, and then as keyboardist (including left-hand bass) and Musical Director in an 8-piece fifties and sixties show band, The Legends, later renamed The Corvettes. This act, which also featured original members of the sixties bands “Syndicate of Sound” and “The Outsiders”, performed in San Diego for 22 years, from 1989 – 2011. In 2005, Joe recorded and produced the band’s 19-song CD in his home studio, sparking his interest in audio production, and leading him to upgrade The Corvettes to in-ear monitors. In June, 2016, Joe performed in a first and only reunion show with the 11 members of the original Sha Na Na, in New York City.