SVL signs with Pacific and releases new single!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021– Los Angeles, CA: Star Vox Lullaby has signed with Pacific Records and released their single “Love Inside Out” exclusively with Apple Music.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Star Vox Lullaby to the Pacific Records Roster. It’s always a bonus when a collaboration occurs within the label family”- B. Witkin (CEO of Pacific Records, Inc.)

Star Vox Lullaby is a group composed of Patricio A. Picklsay (AKA Lotus), Jon Wuebben (AKA J Dub), and J Scott Bergman (AKA L Nuclear), all of which have independent releases with Pacific prior to the formation of Star Vox Lullaby. Star Vox Lullaby, a group composed of a slightly nostalgic but forward-thinking bunch of music nerds who love melody and technology.

L Nuclear, the vocalist and a co-writer embellishes the music and production of Lotus and J Dub to bring songs that were meant to resonate and inspire.

Star Vox Lullaby will release the “Venus 1. EP” on all major music platforms on September 24th, 2021.

Link to Apple Music Single and EP: