We are a dynamic music company with marketing and distribution services based in Southern California.

A Uniquely Southern California Indie Label

Pacific Records® is a Southern California based record label that incorporates all aspects of the music business including marketing, production, and distribution services.  Since its founding by entertainment attorney Brian Witkin in 2003, 

Pacific Records has evolved from its humble beginnings as a retail record store chain into a multi-dimensional entity that includes recording studios, engineering services, music merchandising and talent buying services, while its primary focus remains as an independent record label and music publisher.



Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of the new Tyler Traband single “I Can’t Run Your Life”. Stream the release today on your favorite listening platform and stay tuned for more music from Tyler on Pacific Records. About Tyler Traband With a love of organic instrumentation combined with modern technologies, classical training, and years of live performance, Tyler Traband is one of the exciting new breed of composers writing for visual media. A multi-instrumentalist, film & TV composer, and singer/songwriter, Tyler has toured nationally, written commercials for top brands, and composed for riveting documentaries, thrillers and adventure films.…

Pacific Records is proud to release the latest single from recording artist Kela Sako! Stream today on your favorite listening platform found at the link below and stay tuned for more from Kela. About Kela Sako Kela Sako’s music is the culmination of the sounds and feels taken in while growing up in a family that moved around to new places frequently. Growing up in a chaotic environment and always being the “new student” forced her to find solitude and solace in the music her parents would play for herself and five other siblings.  Starting from simple poetry recitals, plays…

Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of “Launch” the new EP from Solo Ultra Sonic. Stream today on Spotify or Apple Music at the links below. About Solo Ultra Sonic Who is Solo*Ultra* Sonic? To know the artist is to have experienced the musical tapestry that came before…… SUS is an homage to the funky legends and their music; sound and fury that wedged itself into the collective unconscious. The music is the result of a love affair born in the soul of the child, nurtured and presented for all to relish!

The Spice pistols have released their latest single “Allies” on record store day. Go to your nearest record store and support local music! The single is also available on Spotify at the link below.


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