We are a dynamic music company with marketing and distribution services based in Southern California.

A Uniquely Southern California Indie Label

Pacific Records® is a Southern California based record label that incorporates all aspects of the music business including marketing, production, and distribution services.  Since its founding by entertainment attorney Brian Witkin in 2003, 

Pacific Records has evolved from its humble beginnings as a retail record store chain into a multi-dimensional entity that includes recording studios, engineering services, music merchandising and talent buying services, while its primary focus remains as an independent record label and music publisher.



Southern California beach rock artist Seawall Prophet has signed with Pacific Records to release his upcoming EP “Off the Ledge”. Seawall Prophet’s first single release with Pacific Records titled “Hundred Dollar Boulevard” is scheduled for digital release on September 30th, 2022. I’m thrilled to welcome Seawall Prophet to Pacific Records. As a producer, it’s been truly inspiring to work with him and all of us at Pacific are looking forward to his upcoming release.– Patricio A. Pickslay, President of Pacific Records Seawall Prophet, the new alias of Aaron Markland is an Award-Winning Musician, Published Songwriter, Pacific Records Recording Artist, USAF…

Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of The Moonjacks latest record titled “Bad Guy Stuff”. Stream today on Spotify, Apple Music or your favorite music streaming platform and don’t miss the band on tour starting tonight in Los Angeles at The Smell. About The Moonjacks: (San Luis Obispo, CA) – Somewhere on the outskirts of the Central California coast lies the dirty garage and rehearsal space of three central California dropouts known as The Moonjacks. Bonded together by a strong love of Board sports, Petty Criminality, and Rock and Roll; the DIY youths have shared stages with the…

Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of the Tourmaliner’s latest single “Grimace” along with a new music video. The video features footage from the Gordon & Smith Surfboards archives with rare surfing clips from Skip Frye, Mike Hynson, Mickey Munoz, Bobby Brown, Midget Farelly and more. The Tourmaliners (pronounced The Tur – Mo – Leen – ers) get their name from a special place in San Diego, California nestled between Windansea and Pacific Beach. “Tourmo,” as locals call it, hosts a surf culture that embodies the spirit of Aloha represented by Tourmaline surfing pioneers like Skip Frye and Larry Gordon. The…

Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of The Moonjacks latest single “Wizard” Exclusively with Apple Music as part of a pre-order instant gratification track from their new album “Bad Guy Stuff”. Listen now exclusively on Apple Music and pre-order the new album slated for release on September 2nd, 2022.


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