O-Town’s latest album, “The O.T.W.N.”, released in 2019, is a return
to its Boy Band Roots. The group formed in 2000 when ABC-TV recruited
its members for a major network musical reality show, “Making the
Band”. OTWN achieved immediate success both on TV and on their first
two albums. The group was created by the same producer as the
Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC”. The TV show aired for three seasons.

The band’s first album went triple- platinum, selling over three
million copies worldwide. The album included #1 singles, “Liquid
Dreams” and “All or Nothing”; the latter was nominated for “Song of
the Year” at the Radio Music Awards in 2001. That year, OTWN opened
for Brittany Spears and they won the 2001 Teen Choice Award for Best
Breakout Artist.

In 2003, O-Town’s members split to pursue solo careers. Each member
met with success, but some of them missed the camaraderie of playing
together and the joy that the band brought to their fan base, who
called for them to return to the studio.

Reunited in 2014, band members Jacob Underwood, Trevor Penick, Dan
Miller and Erik Michael Estrada released their third studio album,
“Lines & Circles”, and set out on a national tour for the first time
in 10 years. They spent the summer of 2016 on the MY2K Tour performing
alongside New Kids on The Block, Boyz ll Men and Paula Abdul at the
5th Mixtape Festival.

After touring for the last three years and realizing the incredible
support of their loyal fans, the band felt they could produce their
next album relying solely on their fans’ funding. In October 2016, the
group launched a Kickstarter campaign and reached their goal within
the first 7 hours. The result was the release of their 2017 single,
“Empty Space”, and two EPs.

After 20 years, many of the band’s original fans are excited by the
latest album and the return to the music that made them such a
success. The band will aggressively support the album with a full
tour schedule to bring joy to its loyal and loving fans.