With their debut album charting strong at number 7 on the iTunes Reggae Charts, Sandollar is so diverse that it falls in a genre of its own – beach rock. Influenced by a variety of sounds and genres, their sound features reggae tones, splashes of southern rock, and encapsulates the all-around feel of So Cal living. The band was born from daily jam sessions in a high school woodshop class and evolved in 2006 into a 5-member band that tours all over.  

Their music has appeared on CBS-TV’s “Magnum PI” and Netflix’s “Outer Banks”. Notably, Sandollar won Best World Music Album at the 2023 San Diego Music Awards for their album “Under the Water,” and their song “Warrior” was nominated for Song of the Year. 

Inspired by a variety of elements, Sandollar’s unique sound is guaranteed to chill you out, lift you up, and make you dance!