We have been carefully monitoring the new developments concerning the Covid-19 virus. The recent restrictions on travel and public gatherings are important and necessary steps that must be taken to stop the spread of this virus. However, the implementation of these preventative measures has been devastating for the entire music community, as the number of national tour and local show cancelations and postponements continues to grow on a daily basis. There have been many valuable resources shared on what individuals can do to help prevent the spread of the virus and “flatten the curve” (check coronavirus.gov), but little has been said about what we can do to support those hardest hit in the music industry.
Many of the larger touring companies, venues, and successful artists will likely “weather the storm” and absorb the losses associated with the changes, but the hard-working touring crews, sound engineers, smaller venues, and local artists will not be so lucky. We’re already experiencing this firsthand in speaking with our industry peers and artists, both on and off the Pacific Records roster.
The situation is heartbreaking and the government may eventually step in to provide aid, but there are small steps you can take immediately to support these individuals while still keeping our community safe.

For example:
• Whenever possible, consider holding on to your tickets to shows that have been postponed, rather than taking an immediate refund.
• Purchase venue merchandise from your favorite local venue’s website.
• Buy artist merchandise and physical copies of albums and order them online from your local record store.
• Stream more of your favorite local artists online.
• Comment, like, and share artist profiles on social network sites.

Consider supporting those who rely on live shows and ticket sales to make a living, whether they’re associated with Pacific Records or not, at a time when they need it most.

Brian A. Witkin