Behind the Scenes with Finn McCool…

2019 is off to an exciting start with a new artist, new single and, on Friday, a new music video. We sat down with Finn McCool to have a little chat about his new single “myroom”, the upcoming music video and what his perfect day looks like. 

Where does the name “Finn McCool” come from?
Finn McCool is an Irish folklore about this mythical warrior. There’s a lot of variations of the story, but the one I knew was that he hunted giants. When my dad was a musician tryna break into the industry, his band name was Finn McCool – and it’s what I was named after. It seemed right to present myself artistically with my entire namesake. I got a song about it from a while back on my SoundCloud.

What songs and artists are you listening to right now?
It’s a lot of Joey Purp, Mac Miller, and A$AP Rocky. Those three, in my opinion, had arguably the best rap albums in 2018. 

Describe your perfect day.
Surfing in the morning, recording during the day, and doing something with the homies is pretty much a perfect day. End it with a show and we good. 

The year is 2030 and you’ve just announced your North American tour. Who’s opening for you?  
There’s a few people: fans of my music that will hit my DM’s and bounce some ideas off me like their rap songs. I appreciate that cuz when I first started rapping I would have loved to have someone doing the same thing to get an opinion from. I’d grab one of those talented fool’s and we’d light it up. 

What was the inspiration behind “myroom”?
Just loneliness. I was chillin in my room by myself for a long time last year, and that’s a color that can be beautiful if treated right. It’s something I need to have in order to recharge and all, but also helps me look inward and bring something authentic into a song. 

What can we expect from the upcoming music video?
The most important thing for this music video was to match the song, creatively, as best we could. I think we did that. Expect a perfect visual representation of the things I see that helped me write that song.

“myroom” can be streamed on Spotify here. The official music video drops this Friday.