Shane Hall’s #1 album out now!

Shane Hall’s new album “Howl & Sway” has debuted at #1 on the iTunes Blues Albums Chart! Listen to the album today by clicking one of the icons below.

Hall will be touring nationally in support of the new album including festival appearances at Electric Forest and UNTIWISTAVUS in addition to tour dates across multiple states in August and Hawaii in January 2024.  

“I am humbled and excited to have made this album a reality. It is an honor to create and present my music at this level.  I have so much gratitude for all who helped me and all who listen.  “– Shane Hall 

The theme of the “Howl & Sway” record is FUZZ FUNK VOODOO BLUES, a collection of words that can sum up years of lessons learned, personal and musical growth, and the exhibition of soul fueled sounds… 

West Coast blues. Americana. Funky, fuzzed-out soul. Shane Hall plays it all, rolling a wide range of inspiration into his own multi-layered sound. Stay tuned for more from Shane Hall.