Kela Sako Releases New Single ahead of Arena Performance

Pacific Records recording artist Kela Sako has released her new single “Promise to Return” today. The song is about letting go of someone you love deeply, knowing that your lives are perpendicular instead of parallel, and hoping that in time and this simple act of letting go will allow those ends to meet again.

Catch Kela Sako this weekend singing the national anthem for the San Diego Gulls and two special guest performances inside the Stella Artois Lounge.

Pacific Records Festival – 1/7/2024 at the Music Box in San Diego (Photo © By Alan Hess)

First, on Friday March 22nd, Kela will be performing alongside Pacific Records artist Sean Witkin. On Sunday March 24th, Kela will be singing the national anthem at 5PM in the arena prior to the San Diego Gulls game, followed by a performance with the award wining band Slack Key ‘Ohana.

San Diego, California – December 28: The band Slack Key Ohana pose for a photo front row: Kamaka Mullen, guest singer Kela Sako, Brian and Carol Witkin. Second row: Joe Wilkins, Polynesian dancer Alyssa Godoy, Rand Anderson and Polynesian dancer Alana Godoy. in Point Loma on Thursday, Dec. 28, 2023 in San Diego, California. (Alejandro Tamayo / The San Diego Union-Tribune)

About Kela Sako

Kela Sako’s music is the culmination of the sounds and feels taken in while growing up in a family that moved around to new places frequently. Growing up in a chaotic environment and always being the “new student” forced her to find solitude and solace in the music her parents would play for herself and five other siblings. 

Starting from simple poetry recitals, plays and musicals, to talent shows and high school performances with her sister, then graduating to writing and recording her first original composition in Underground Studio on Haight Street “I am beautiful” (2014), Kela gained notable features with artists from Japan, Australia and France performing her first headlining show in Sacramento at The Antiquite in 2019. 

In 2023, Kela Sako released her singles “Change” and “Speed Bumps”.