“Music’s Future Band” Single ft. Mike Watt!

Pacific Records is proud to announce a new version of rock classic “Don’t Fear The Reaper,” the first in a series of singles produced by Sppike Mike Muellenberg and executive produced by label CEO, Brian Witkin, under the Music’s Future banner, as a fundraiser for the San Diego Music Foundation’s Guitars In School Program. The collaborative effort includes Mike Watt (minutemen / firehose/ The Stooges), Mike Reiter (27 Various / The Dig), Doug Walker (The Dwarves / The Spice Pistols), Bart Mendoza (Manual Scan / The Shambles), Anna Zinova (Pinkeye), Nick Aguilar (Slaughterhouse), Robbie Allen and Will Lerner (Shake Before Us / Strawberry Moons), with studio production by Jeff Berkley.

“I’m so excited to about this first release and the others that will follow. The Super Group is a coalition of very talented musicians and the fact that this is for a good cause, getting guitars in schools, makes it even better!” – says Brian Witkin, CEO of Pacific Records

The mission of the San Diego Music Foundation is to enrich San Diego’s diverse and creative music community through music education for youth, professional development for current and emerging industry professionals, live performances for the San Diego public, and recognition for San Diego artists of exceptional merit or service. Chartered in 1991, the San Diego Music Foundation was created to make music performance accessible to children of need in San Diego County by providing them with a hands-on vehicle, the guitar, to express themselves creatively.