Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of NYC recording artist Monroe’s new single “U OK”. Stream or download the song on your favorite music platform today!

“U Ok” begins a new body of work from Monroe by Matt Berman. It embraces promise, confronts our demons, and accepts the vicissitudes of life. From lyrics through production, Monroe has continued to develop a genuine experience for his audience. Matt’s personal growth has launched new branding with a greater focus on authenticity and individual strength. “U Ok” focuses on advocating for those who feel lost and fear the unexpected. This song will provide support and will acknowledge people, no matter where they are on life’s journey, that they will be okay. Recorded by DO Sounds at Superlegal Studio (Brooklyn, NY), written by Matt Berman, produced by Jake Owen, Alex Vaz, and Andy Dollerson, with background vocals sung by Anisa Fowler, “U Ok” has the soul that will encourage patience, reflection and a sense of hope during a time of unease. Since Matt’s initial release of “The Streetlight EP” (2018), he has drawn inspiration from artists Roy Hargrove, Lizzo, Billy Joel, Chance the Rapper and others, who move him with their truths. Matt’s recent self-discovery has emboldened him to present more immediate and honest work.