Lead Singer/Songwriter Ben Bartel grew up in the mountains of California’s central valley. Just south of Yosemite. There he learned a passion for Folk/Bluegrass. He packed up his passion for music along with his guitar and headed south where he met up with bassist Ben Barnes, and banjo player Jeremy Clifton. They struck it off quickly and soon after pulled in Ryan Woolsey, another from the northern mountains, to fill out the sound with a second guitar to fill out the sound of their driving folk rock. making their sound nearly full.

The final piece of the puzzle was found in Georgia: Erin Lancaster. Friends with Ben for several years, they had often talked of what it would be like to be in a group together, but the distance seemed too great. When Mayfield began to make headway in San Diego, they decided, enough was enough, and the band got together and flew Erin out . The power and attitude found in the new female vocalist were a perfect match for the band’s current lineup, so the sound was complete.