Chad Hollister Band

Chad Hollister joins us all the way from Vermont.

Chad’s message is simple: The world needs music to heal, to encourage, to persevere. It’s an energy that resonates with all listeners. Programming director of WNCS Zeb Norris says of Hollister, “[he] is a master of the Positive Vibration; resistance is futile”. In every review, you’ll find a consistent theme of praise: Chad’s music is something beautiful – true lyrical poetry that sings of enrichment, inspiration and happiness in this gift called life.  

In Hollister’s own words, “I like to really say something and make people think about being kind, taking care of Mother Earth, being good to people and loving themselves. If a piece of my music can inspire someone, it’s doing something right on planet Earth.” 

A seasoned performing artist having opened for Bob Dylan and Tom Petty, the Chad Hollister Band is an immersive 10-person experience that takes the music to new heights only possible in a live format. Billboard even calls him “a no frills kind of rocker, cast from the same mold as such classic American artists as Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and John Mellencamp” while Lance Olson, executive director of the Spruce Peak Performing Arts Center says “Chad’s concerts erupt with joy and musical generosity. He knows how to make a song, a set, a band and a weekend!” 

Chad Hollister released “Stop the World”, his fifth studio release to fans in 2018 with Pacific Records.