Chandler Bay

Behind every voice as powerful and passionate as Chandler Bay’s, there’s an equally powerful and passionate story. The Massachusetts born singer-songwriter grew up traveling with her single mother and 7 siblings, living out of their car, camping and backpacking across the US. By the age of 10, Bay had been to all 50 states, hiked the Appalachian Trail, sailed through the Inside Passage of Alaska and braved the Arctic Circle. This unconventional upbringing instilled in Bay the life experiences which, when infused with the raw emotion of her vocals, tell an artful yet painful story told through music and lyrics.

In 2016, the songstress was discovered in Nashville by pop singer Jacob Underwood of the platinum-selling band O-Town. Underwood was blown away by the powerhouse vocalist, and immediately approached the singer with a mission to help tell her story.

After releasing a series of covers online including a duet with Underwood of Gnash’s “i hate you, i love you” which has topped over 26K views, Bay decided to relocate to San Diego to focus her efforts on her first E.P. Running a successful Kickstarter campaign, her supporters fully funding her project and Bay got right to work garnering the attention of San Diego based record label, Pacific Records. In 2018 she was signed to Pacific and is now preparing her first release, “I See You”, a heartfelt, tear-jerking ballad dedicated to her soon-to-be born daughter, Everest, and her beautiful new insight into being a mother.

Described as an effortless combination of folk, ambient, alternative and world music, Chandler Bay draws inspiration from the likes of Jewel, Dido and Citizen Cope to create a truly captivating sound and tell a truly captivating story.