Dane Amar

Dane Amar is a singer, songwriter, rapper and producer who creates a unique fusion of hip-hop, R&B and Pop that he calls “Disney Heartbreak Pop”. His music combines unfiltered, melancholic lyrics with upbeat chord progressions, striking a delicate balance of edge and innocence.

Born and raised in Southeast San Diego, Dane started making music when he was 12 years old, combining his influences of household hip-hop names with the raw authenticity of the then-emerging YouTube artists. In 2014, he bought a midi keyboard, taught himself pop chord progressions and began refining what would become his signature fusion sound.

In 2017, Dane auditioned for “Show Me the Money 6” in Korea where his performance was well received by Jay Park. While Dane wouldn’t proceed to the next round, Park’s words of praise played a key role in solidifying his musical journey.

Later that year, Dane released his first self-produced project, “Yellow Umbrella”, which pays homage to the hit show “How I Met Your Mother”; the project was praised by the writers of the show via Twitter.