John Preston

With an edgy mix of acoustic guitar and piano rock, John Preston is a singer/songwriter raised on a farm in Kentucky and is a great example of a true American born for service. John was highly decorated as a Marine during his tour in Operation Iraqi Freedom and now is currently a Firefighter. Through all of his travels of the world and growth in life he has used music as his storybook to follow his journey.

John had his first success as a musician while still in Iraq when a song and video he had written and created (Good, Good, America) for his battalion was covered by LA Times and became a national sensation within days. Upon his return from Iraq, John played radio and television shows all over the country and recorded his first single with Real2reel records. In 2007 John was nominated for an LA Music Award with his band HWY 42 and has received many accolades for his songwriting. John’s influences range from The Beatles, Billy Joel, and Elton John, to Ben Folds, Garth Brooks and Tupac Shakur.

John has countless songs written and has never shied away from any project or opportunity to grow as a musician or songwriter. Stay tuned for John to begin to tell his storybook of life and service through music.