Kubota (Riki Kubota) grew up in Los Angeles California. Surrounded in a congested music scene, Kubota sought out to find a sound that differed from those within his surroundings. With influences ranging from Atmosphere, Common Market, Year of the Ox, Blue Scholars, Ces Cru, to others, Kubota has generated a unique style of Hip-Hop/Pop to differentiate his musical sound.

Writing music since elementary school, Kubota has morphed and established his craft along the years. Starting his musical journey as a guitarist in his first band named Carlyle, Kubota and his friends wrote and played heavy metal music in various local venues across Los Angeles. From the Whiskey A Go Go and The Key Club to metal festivals and opening for acclaimed bands, Kubota realized the worth of pursuing a career within the music industry. Unfortunately, the band broke up in 2012, so he decided to switch genres and started to produce music on his own. Within a few years, he learned to mix and master his own music, developed his delivery as a rapper, and recorded his first EP and released it in 2016 on his own.

With the privilege of working with Pacific Records, Kubota continues to create music and grow as an artist.