The Godoy Sisters

Alana and Alyssa Godoy, The Godoy Sisters, embody the vibrant spirit of Polynesian dance, rooted in their Native Hawaiian heritage since the tender age of 3. Hailing from the San Diego community, these sisters have grown into a dynamic duo, leaving an indelible mark on stages worldwide.

Having graced luaus, festivals, and diverse events, The Godoy Sisters are a living expression of the artistry of Polynesian dance. Their journey reached international heights with performances at the prestigious Pacific Islander Festival of Europe, captivating audiences with their mesmerizing choreography and infectious energy.

The sisters’ collaboration with Slack Key ‘Ohana began in April 2022 at the San Diego Music Awards, where the band clinched the title of Best World Album. Alana, the elder sister and a former Miss Pacific Islander of San Diego, brings not only her prowess in dance but also a deep connection to her Native Hawaiian roots. With a 5-year age difference, their synergy on stage reflects a harmonious blend of experience and youthful enthusiasm.

A testament to their creativity, both Alana and Alyssa contribute original choreography to Slack Key ‘Ohana’s music, adding a unique and personal touch to each performance. The Godoy Sisters continue to enchant audiences with their dynamic performances, celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Polynesia and their Native Hawaiian heritage through the universal language of dance.