Sodie Aura

Sodie Aura is a hip-hop recording artist from Carlsbad, California. Armed with his lyrical flow and electric stage presence playing shows throughout Southern California, Wes was discovered by Shawn Barron, Vice President and Senior Director of A&R at Atlantic Records. Shawn was impressed with Wes and invited him to meet with him at Atlantic Records in Burbank. Wes rapped for some people at the office and brought his guitar so that he could show his other side. He played and sang a reggae tune he wrote and after realizing Wes’s unique talent and diversity, Shawn and his partner, Gary Leon, signed him to a production deal with their company SBGL Entertainment. Wes recorded his second mixtape, “Belladonna”, at the Atlantic Record studios and it was released that summer. The release of “Belladonna” became a turning point for Sodia and he decided to leave school and put everything he had into his music and his dream of getting it out to the world. The mixtape was well received and Wes started getting recognition and respect in the hip hop world.

The buzz about Sodie was at deafening levels when Wes caught the ear of Pacific Records, an independent label out of San Diego. The team got together and made the decision to sign him to the burgeoning Southern California label for the release of Wes’s debut album.