Falling Doves Release New Single “Shotgun!

The Falling Doves have released their latest single “Shotgun” with Pacific Records, premiering with It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine at the following link: https://www.psychedelicbabymag.com/2022/03/shotgun-by-the-falling-doves-new-album-skylark-69.html
World touring dynamic alternative rock outfit Falling Doves are continuing with a big 2022.  Releasing their latest LP Skylark 69 on May 26th along with kicking off their Double Vision World Tour in April. The group has torn up the stage with pillars of all sub-genres of rock such as Cheap Trick,  Bauhaus, All Time Low and Echo and The Bunny Men, bringing their undeniable live presence to every show. The band’s musicianship and charisma has led them to be mentees and  friends with the late Scott Weiland of (Stone Temple Pilots) and Pete Best (Founding Beatles Drummer). They have also recently been signed to Pacific Records USA , RMN UK and Symphonic Worldwide. Frontman Chris Leyva passing along the communal spirit is also an active member of The Grammy Academy and mentor to new LA artists.
On the latest single Shotgun the group delivers an alluring desert rock earworm about bad love.  “Have you ever been in a relationship where you choose love and they choose chaos and  to end things and no matter how hard you try, you feel like they are the judge the jury and the executioner ? And your only crime is trying to damn hard to make it work , well thats the theme here “- Says Chris Leyva on the single.
Chris Leyva on Skylark 69
I never intended to make this record, I had two other records I was busy getting ready to put out and then the pandemic hit! – I wrote this record for another artist and the agency involved was going to screw me over on the deal , so a buddy of mine tipped me off – So I sold all the songs to record label so than they were protected and I could license them better that way – The record label loved it and they decided to put it out – The feelings are all real , The themes on the album are about a broken California dream, although you have everything you could possibly ever want you don’t have the love you want so you pick up your bags and carry-on , and it’s so hard to hide your misery when the whole world looks happy so you just disguise it in rock ‘n’ roll.