Pacific Releases New Michael Wheeler Album!

Singer-Songwriter Michael James Wheeler has  released his new album “Roll another Dime” produced by Grammy-winning studio engineer, Rob Eaton. Michael opened for James Taylor and Jackson Browne at the Pechanga Arena’s Stella Artois Lounge. Michael’s latest single, “Bottle in the Carriage” was released earlier in the year.
With stints in Montreal, New Zealand, Augusta, GA, Key West, & Kentucky– where he was named “hands down, one of the finest WKY singer-songwriters going at the moment” (News4U)– the road-tested troubadour now calls Nashville home. 2017 marked Wheeler’s solo debut with Sunbeams All Twisted— a mostly stripped-down acoustic collection of Mike’s lyric-heavy Americana numbers. Stream or download the new album now on your favorite music platform using the links below!