JRB Releases new Single “Just Right”

Pacific Records is proud to announce the release of Josh Rosenblum Band’s latest single “Just Right”. The single is a song of JRB’s upcoming album to be released in 2022 with Pacific.

JRB’s music fuses the flares of all of their influential root-genres including jazz, pop, rock, blues, r&b, funk and folk. While frontmant Rosenblum takes the lead in composing music and lyrics, each member of JRB is encouraged to use the jazz-mindset of improvising their own part, even going so far as to intentionally rehearse less to allow every performance to be as musically spontaneous and unique as possible. The result is a musical experience as cohesive as it is unpredictable, with a sound comparable to a fusion of John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.