LA based artist Kubota drops the new “Zen EP”.

Pacific Records is proud to announce Los Angeles based artist Kubota’s new album the “Zen EP” now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more! Zen EP is a collection of Kubota’s experiences searching for peace and happiness through introspection and self-growth. Covering the subjects of anxiety, depression, love, heartbreak, and self-loathing, Kubota offers listeners a relatable experience through his music while offering affirmations in behaviors that everybody commonly exudes but would likely not admit to.

Kubota (Riki Kubota) grew up in Los Angeles, California. Surrounded in a congested music scene, Kubota sought out to find a sound that differed from those within his surroundings. With influences ranging from Joji, Kota the Friend, Dumbfoundead, Kero-One, and a variety of other musical acts from a range of genres, Kubota has generated a unique style of Hip-Hop/Pop/Indie to differentiate his musical sound.