Bizness Suit

Bizness Suit was an accident. Sean and Drew met by fighting over a girl, moved to Charleston, and then met Jeremy through a mutual friend. Staying inside the city limits, the three men tried their hands at all trades and continue to struggle with love. But when they make
music, their genuine and sexy joy is something they wish to share with all generations and galaxies.
Sean (vocalist/guitarist) is humble and quiet, but quick-witted when he speaks, and loud with soul when he sings and swings the axe. He is as risqué as a puppy being acknowledged as a god. He is not only the band’s frontman, but the man behind the curtains of Bizness Suit’s music. Drew (bassist) often cripples himself from romanticism and internal thought, and subsequently is often crass and outspoken or silently poetic. He hides himself inside his bass guitar, exposing himself with every note. He is the love inside the music, the sin it can’t live without, and every day is a good hair day.

Jeremy (drummer) continually plays the drums without stopping. He is the deathless energy that drives life into the music. His flash-motion liveliness has carried the band to hypnotic, new places that float on a river of blues toward the sound of a soul.

With their rings combined, they are Bizness Suit.