Josh Rosenblum Band

“Our jazz, funk, and blues roots always find a way into our music one way or another,” says Josh Rosenblum. Josh, along with bassist Andrew Melendez and drummer Cedric Jones, are the Josh Rosenblum Band (JRB), a groovy fusion of jazz, pop, rock, funk and everything in between. The trio began playing music together in high school in California’s Central Valley. Several local accolades and EP’s later, the band relocated to Southern California to continue their mission to spread the gift of music, always, in all ways.

JRB’s music fuses the flares of all of their influential root-genres including jazz, pop, rock, blues, r&b, funk and folk. While frontman Rosenblum takes the lead in composing music and lyrics, each member of JRB is encouraged to use the jazz-mindset of improvising their own part, even going so far as to intentionally rehearse less to allow every performance to be as musically spontaneous and unique as possible. The result is a musical experience as cohesive as it is unpredictable, with a sound comparable to a fusion of John Mayer, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton.

In 2019, JRB signed with San Diego-based record label Pacific Records. In 2023, JRB released their single “Young Love”.