Spice Pistols

What if…

What if you could take the attitude and raw rock and roll fury of the Sex Pistols and fuse it with the sass and fun of the Spice Girls?

This was the question Hairy Scary Spice (Mike Muellenberg) asked himself, and the rest of the world in 2017. Ginger Binger Spice (John Risdon) and Maybe Baby Spice (Michael Fairchild) were brought on board with Shorty Sporty Spice (Mike Van Dyle) as the genesis of The Spice Pistols.

In their first year as a band they performed on Americas Got Talent, and were summarily x’d out of existence by Simon Cowell. He relented that the Spice Pistols sounded better than the original. But still, fuck you Simon!

Over the next few years the band went through a few drummers and has worked with James Lightbody, Dider Suarez, Dave Klein, Rick Agnew, and Jim Isaac. They played shows in the Southern California area as well as recording and releasing a demo.

In 2020, the core line up added Mosh Posh Spice (Doug Walker) and began touring. In 2022, after a successful tour supporting seminal punk rockers Agent Orange, the Spice Pistols released their EP “Spice Train” through Pacific Records.

The Spice Pistols fuse fun and playfulness with a high energy powerful rock show, and are ready to bring their particular brand of party to a stage near you!